Monday, March 8, 2010


Could it be true that we might actually have some more hope of trying to conceive a child????? I went to my endocrinologist last week for a routine check-up for my diabetes and she of course asked about our attempts to get pregnant. She was quite impressed with my weight loss and with my lab results=)  She said since I am healthier than when I came to her (lost some weight better A1C etc...) she would like to lower some of my insulin levels and try me on glucophage in hopes that it will help my body have a normal cycle and an actual menstral cycle without the clomid or superovulatory meds. She also said that this medication can help with miscarriage. So as of last week I started the glucophage and will increase my dose over the next three weeks and hopefully -fingers, toes crossed, prayer said etc.... it will work!!!!! She said she hates the thought of us having to go to the expensive treatments and wants to help us out as much as she can. So who knows maybe this is the answer we have been looking for- I am trying not to get my hopes us because who knows with this crazy body of mine!
My other sign of hope happened this weekend. I did something I probably should not have but I wasn't ready to just throw in the towel:) When I started my period 18 days ago I was not suppose to start any other fertility meds etc... unless we were willing to fork over the dough for the superovulation meds and IUI- which we don't have the $$$ right now so that is a no. The reason why they wanted me to stop clomid was two fold- they had increased my dosage to 150mg a day for 5 days and I still wasn't producing any or any decent size follicals- I had been on that dosage for two cycles with no luck and my lining was thin- thanks to clomid. I also the last couple of cycles didn't actually ovulate. The other reason is because I had a ovarian cysts- pretty good size which is common when you are clomid. But I had one refill left and I thought what the heck lets see what we can do. Well lo and behold I got a positive on my ovulation test Sunday!!!!! So who knows if their are any decent follicals (since the doc doesn't know that I am taking the clomid there for I am not going in for ultrasound checks etc...)but we are going to give it the old college try. Once again I am trying not to get my hopes up but I am excited by the prospect- maybe my body will actually work right for once!

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