Monday, March 22, 2010

No miracle here!

Well so much for a miracle on my last dose of clomid. I actually ovulated on the clomid however I did not get pregnant:(  I started this morning- what a great way to start a Monday morning UGH! So to "help" me feel better I splurged at went to Starbu.ks and got there new dark cherry mocha- yummo!!!!! HIGHLY recommend. It helped some but I still feel horrible. So I am not sure what is going to happen. Our taxes should be done in the next day or two and then hubby and I will have to sit down and figure out how best to use our tax return. I am hoping it is a decent enough return to do something in the way of expanding our family or at least trying. If there is enough money and we decide to use it to expand our family what should we do? Put it towards an adoption with Reeces Rainbow (which is a definate in the way of expanding our family) or a couple of rounds of IUI knowing that if that does not work we are finished. WHERE is my crystal ball when I need it??????

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