Monday, March 8, 2010

Making some changes- cutting back

So after sitting down and paying the bills with my hubby- something he typically does himself I was depressed to say the least. We needed to take some action because we are drowning ourselves with all our expenses etc... So I sat down and made a list of things that we could cut back on or get rid of all together. I got rid of my daily newspaper that I had delievered- I can read the paper online and get Sundays coupons from my parents. Got rid of our landline phone and went only to cell phones- we will see how it goes! Then I said get rid of our satelite and go to regular television- my husband not so thrilled about that one or the next suggestion either- only going out to eat for one meal a week with exception of his Thurs. lunch which is work related. So far on the going out to eat we did well this weekend:) As far as the satelite we found a deal or rather a deal found us that we could switch to cable and save money (obviously not as much as if we got rid of it all together however we were in a contract with our satelite co. and the cable co. bought out our remaining contract!) and still have a ton of channels and our beloved- LOL! DVR:)  I have cut back on going to the salon, I am typically every 5-6 weeks for haircut and eyebrow wax however I have not been since right before Christmas- and yes my eyebrows are starting to show it- YIKES! So I feel like I am making and effort to help out since I don't work outside the home- I even called about personal opinion/ product testing however you have to come in and answer questions by yourself and that won't work with the kids etc... however the lady did take my name and number so maybe she will call and we can work some things out to where I can make a little cash!
I am thinking about starting an organic garden and growing our own veggies for the summer- trying to save money plus I think it would be neat for the kids to grow something and who knows my daughter might starting eating a vegetable- LOL! Not sure where to start or even when to start on this little venture so if anyone out there grows an organic garden please share some ideas/ tips:)
The next be thing to tackle will be our tax return. As much as I want to put that money towards infertility treatments I also know that we could get our credit cards payed off:) It breaks my heart to think that we might be done! I just don't know what to do?! It is sooooo hard to decide and I know that if we do put that money towards the treatments and they fail then I will be devastated, depressed and MAD at myself for "wasting" that money.
So that is where we are, would love more suggestions on cost cutting and what would you do with the tax return?

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